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Club Meeting (Guest Speaker: Thomas Hundt, GTAI)

Wann: Mittwoch 19.01.2022 18:30-20:00
Typ: Clubmeeting
Ort: Hotel Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok
Teilnehmer: Aktive Mitglieder (Public), Boonsiripanya Alisa, Bangkapi Rotary Club, Bangkok South Rotary Club, Bangkok Rotary Club, Barth Dieter, Khun Trong, Wiboonma Supan


Dear friends and fellow Rotarians,

Below please see the flyer for next Wednesday.

Please click above if you will come or not, as we need to tell the hotel the exact number of participants.

If you are bringing (a) guest(s), please let Alisa know by email or LINE.

Yours in Rotary,




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