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Company Visit OOZOU - Constantin Hofstetter

Wann: Mittwoch 29.03.2023 18:30 - 20:00
Typ: Clubmeeting
Ort: Gaysorn Tower 23rd Floor
Teilnehmer: Aktive Mitglieder (Public), Boonsiripanya Alisa

Dear fellow rotarians

Please be invited to the new office of our club President Constatin.

This time will be first come first serve due to space issue , only 30-35 people can be invited and already 15 guests and rotarians are on the list.

Please check the name on the list!! and see the attached Flyer

1. Alisa
2. Amir
3. Amir (Andre Starke)
4. Constantin
5. Constantin
6. Constantin
7. Constantin
8. Constantin
9. Maximilian
10. Maximilian (Volker Hellstern)
11. Maximilian (Alex kalbitz)
12. Thomas Hundt
13. Thomas Hundt (Celine)
14. Paul

Best Regards,